Wednesday, March 30, 2016

So, what is this going to be about?

Rants and Reviews. Seems simple, right? 

Well, here's how this blog will work: I will basically spend most of the time on here reviewing things I like and explaining why I like them. I am not going to bother to review things I don't like or things that I find to be objectively bad because there is more than enough of that in the world. If you want me bitching about things I don't like, please see my Twitter feed, where all bets are off on tact, politeness, and political correctness. 

What will I review? Well, media, mostly. TV shows, films, YouTube videos, podcasts, music, books, tons of anime, and, occasionally, games (though most gaming talk will be contained to Anne Elise Is Free-To-Play). I am really keen to review a ton of the podcasts that I listen to because most of them need reviews on sites like iTunes, which I'm not on... yet (iTunes sucks), so I hope that perhaps some write-ups of the work that they do will help them out after they have given me hundreds of hours of enjoyment. 

I may also do some product reviews, though, that is not really what I want to do at this time. 

While reviews will be of things that I like, I'm not here to blow sunshine up people's asses and make them like me - I will give honest feedback and criticism when warranted (and it always is - no media is perfect). 

Rants, on the other hand, will be special. I will rant when a piece of media, which was thrust upon me, is horrendous and should be ripped to shreds. You might think I would go after something like Fuller House or Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but, no, I can avoid terrible sequels to terrible sit-coms, and, while I haven't seen Batman vs. Superman yet, I can avoid it, if I choose. For something to get ranted about, I either have to be told by multiple people to watch it, or, it has to be something that I cannot skip (like a commercial on Hulu), and be horrible. 

Again, if you want Ranty-Anne (the worst doll ever conceived), go to my Twitter. I can usually contain my rage to 140 characters, and I'm pretty sure that is what Twitter exists for. 

So, look forward to reviews starting this week. I'm going to try to write up two reviews a week of different medias. Consider this your guide to what makes me smile. 

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